S O U N D   N E T

Sounds, tones and noises recorded over the last few years in Flensburg, Schleswig, Husum, Kiel and Lübeck will again become audible as part of my sound installations which I shall make in public spaces and buildings in these five towns. Not every sound will be easy to identify, as I have altered the fragments (isolated, reduced, radicalised, transposed, combined and added) so that they appear transformed in every installation. Some challenge the limit of perception. Hearing, though, is not enough. I have juxtaposed similar, or opposing situations which demand the perception of all senses.

The S O U N D   N E T begins on August 20th in the north, in Flensburg. It will extend from Schleswig, in the south of Schleswig-Holstein, to Lübeck; and thence on to Husum on the west coast. The final knot will be tied on the east coast in the federal capitel, Kiel. The towns will be "linked" by their installations, between 6.09. and 19.09. Until October 6th, they will fall silent, one after the other.

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Sound-route - Wind-chimes High lamps line the promenade on harbour front. I shall hang them with karabiner links and wooden beads. The wind playing with them gently or roughly will transform them into sound bodies. They will mark the transition between the quiet soundscape of the water and boats, and the soundscape of the city in which the roar of traffic denotes the time of day - and the traffic-light sequences.

Singing Small It only takes 13 seconds to use the outside lift of the library, where one can either enter the reading room, or enjoy the view over the central bus station out to the harbour point. Small headphones dangle down before the windows, whispering and chirping.

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In the southern of the old part of town, where Schleswig is at its loveliest, there are two houses, completely covered with ivy. Beside their well-kept and always freshly painted neighbours, these evergreen ivy houses appear magical and mysterious - gently surging and rustling softly.

In the morning the murmuring of the installation Undertones can, perhaps, be sensed, rather than heard. Voices - Sounds come from the gable in the street. In the afternoon, when the sun shines on both houses, bees murmur deep down in the ivy.

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To the south of Lübeck's old part of town island, near the cathedral is the Catholic "Heard of Jesus" church, built at the end of the nineteenth century. The high, narrow windows of the choir gleam deep red. They lend a warm, soft glow, which, with the simplicity of the interior, creates a silent mood for meditation. With Chroma I colour only minimally the murmur of the church's own space.

St. Aegidien, the smallest of Lübeck's five old churches, withstood the war. Thus preserved were Gothic murals, the Renaissance choir, and the Baroque altar. The installation Resound is a conceptual sound mass (KYRIE - GLORIA - CREDO - SANCTUS - AGNUS DEI) for the 775 th jubilee.

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The inland port lends the town of narrow alleys, colourful gable houses and old patrician houses its character. In 1989 the architect Bernhard Winking built a large postmodern town hall on the remains of the one-time shipyard. The building opens onto the harbour in three sections.

High Tones - a kind of "audio frieze" sounds from the middle floor of the north wing. City sounds from Flensburg, Schleswig, Kiel and Lübeck are also projected in the outside interior, the patio, in several minutes sequences.

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Only one person can listen to the Little Talking Book, as the small book contains only soft sound-chapters. The ear must be pressed to the cover, in order to catch any sound.

K L A N G N E T Z   (SOUND NET) is inscribed on the floor of the town gallery foyer. The large-scale letters are formed from a hundred plastic ducks, which are sound-sensitive. These make an Obstacle Course. They quack if walked through, or passed by.

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(By the end of the show, when the other installations have fallen silent, the name of the sound project will be eradicated: On October 6th, between 4 to 5 pm, I shall give away the ducks as gifts.)

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